Dentro la mia isola



"This photographic work is part of COVISIONI:, a collective project that involves 40 photographers from 20 Italian regions for the duration of 12 months." (supported by LUZ Agency). The work has become an editorial project that includes the works of the 40 photographers involved. The book is called COVISIONI:

The world has changed since February 2020, our way of perceiving reality, love, affections has changed. We are afraid to "get closer", to hug each other. I have been telling all the women in my family in Sicily for almost 10 years. I am also experiencing this upheaval due to the outbreak of the pandemic both as a daughter-nephew-sister-aunt, and as a photographer. It was natural to start photographing again after the lockdown, starting to focus my attention on my family ties. The inability to hug my nieces or the fear of getting close to my mother or sister destabilized me. I was destabilized by the use of the mask, this filter between us and others that makes us understand that things are not the same as before. I photograph the women of my family and all the passages of this surreal year. And this parenthesis of my life and our history is called "Inside my island". In this year the fear, the distance, the dilated time, the nature, the need for love, have crossed our days. During the days after the lockdown we always met outdoor. So the sea, the mountains, the summer sunsets of my island, Sicily, were the protagonist of our days. Nature saved us. During the year part of my family was infected with covid-19, but fortunately without complications.